When is the Right Time to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

when to hire a personal injury lawyer

As personal injury attorneys with decades of experience advocating for accident victims, we often get asked—when should I hire a lawyer after getting hurt?

Personal injury laws and processes tend to be complex, especially when insurance companies get involved. Having a legal professional on your side can make all the difference in getting the compensation you deserve in a personal injury case.

This guide covers common signs indicating you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

Signs To Look For When Assessing if You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Unfortunately, accidents happen every day. Millions of Americans suffer some type of injury each year, ranging from a car accident and minor scrapes to traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries with lifelong impacts.

While many minor incidents are resolved informally, major injuries often warrant taking legal action, such as filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. Before proceeding on your own, consider whether an experienced personal injury lawyer could help strengthen your case.

Here are key signs that indicate when to reach out to our firm for a free case evaluation:

You Incurred Major Medical Expenses or Pain and Suffering

Most injury cases come down to receiving compensation for medical bills, lost wages from work, pain and suffering, and other hardships resulting from someone else’s negligence.

If an accident left you with thousands in bills—or requiring significant treatment like surgery, physical therapy, medical devices, in-home care, etc.—having legal guidance maximizes your chances of recovering damages.

Multiple Parties Could be Liable

Determining fault gets complicated when multiple people, companies, or entities contribute to an accident in some way.

With car crashes, for instance, poor road design and maintenance may be to blame alongside negligent drivers. Without investigating all potentially liable parties, you risk settling with one entity for less than full value. A car accident attorney digs deeper to identify everyone who shares the blame.

You Suffered Severe, Long-Term Injuries

While many accident injuries heal within weeks or months, some leave permanent effects requiring lifelong accommodations. Spinal cord issues, brain trauma, loss of limbs, severe burns, and PTSD constitute severe harms warranting substantial compensation under New York personal injury law.

Given the stakes involved, having an adept personal injury lawyer makes an enormous difference in these cases. We build ironclad arguments proving not only the pain and suffering already endured but also the projected impacts spanning the rest of an injured victim’s life.

An Insurance Provider Denies Your Claim Outright

Insurance companies are ultimately profit-driven corporations. As such, their claims adjusters receive strong incentives to minimize payouts however possible.

A common tactic involves hastily denying injury claims due to supposed “pre-existing conditions” that they argue release insurers from liability. Don’t let adjusters get away with wrongfully rejecting your valid claim. Experienced personal injury lawyers know how to appeal denials and fight for your entitled compensation.

At-Fault Parties Lack Sufficient Insurance

Even upon proving liability in an injury case, receiving payouts depends on at-fault parties carrying adequate insurance coverage for harm caused. Unfortunately, many drivers go uninsured or fail to renew policies. The insurance company might try to use this to get out of paying.

When coverage falls far short of your damages, additional options exist. Our firm thoroughly explores backup sources of compensation via additional policies, company reserves, personal assets, or, in rare cases, government victim funds.

How a Personal Injury Claim Can Provide Critical Value

As outlined above, various situations indicate hiring a personal injury law firm serves your best interests after getting injured. Rather than incur unnecessary costs, contact a personal injury lawyer to maximize case results.

With extensive legal experience handling injury claims, our lawyers offer critical aid, like:

Saving Clients Time and Hassle

Pursuing injury compensation involves endless paperwork, calls, meetings, investigatory work, deadlines, and appearances. These administrative burdens can become overwhelming for injured victims facing recovery and long-term medical care. Attorneys lift those challenges off your shoulders.

Leveling the Playing Field

Even when claims seem straightforward, victims enter negotiations at an inherent disadvantage versus insurers. Adjusters handle dozens of similar cases monthly. Most citizens rarely face these processes. With legal professionals in your corner, you gain the upper hand.

Avoiding Costly Missteps

Well-meaning victims risk torpedoing cases via procedural missteps—like missing strict evidence preservation rules or statute of limitations cutoffs to file. Seasoned personal injury lawyers help sidestep such pitfalls at every phase while fortifying your position.

Delivering Favorable Results

Ultimately, hiring a personal injury firm comes down to improving case outcomes. With attorneys fighting on your behalf, clients see much higher settlement offers compared to navigating alone, enabling your best recovery chances.

Finding The Best Personal Injury Law Firm For Your Case

Selecting the right personal injury law firm for your situation is crucial, yet there is no one globally “best” attorney. The top legal representative for you depends on an array of case-by-case factors.

Carefully research multiple acclaimed lawyers with proven success records in your state and injury type.

To help assess if moving forward with formal legal representation makes sense, asking a few vital questions includes:

  • How many similar cases have you successfully handled, and what verdicts or settlements resulted?
  • What might the overall timeline realistically look like from intake to resolution?
  • Are you willing to go to court if fair offers don’t arise during settlement talks?
  • How frequently would you provide case status updates and have general availability?
  • Do you foresee any major hurdles or weaknesses regarding my potential injury claim?

Gauging lawyers’ responses sheds light on their capability to cater to your needs while optimizing potential case outcomes.

Trust Held, Held & Held Personal Injury Lawyers For Compassionate Legal Advocacy

If injured in an accident caused wholly or partially by someone else’s provable negligence, turning to experienced personal injury lawyers remains imperative for increasing compensation chances and easing the inherent burdens. Our attorneys have helped New York accident victims recover millions in compensation over decades of serving our community.

We pursue justice for clients compassionately yet aggressively when warranted, backed by extensive legal experience combined with financial resources to win maximum results. Hiring us costs nothing upfront, given contingency-fee billing structures. Contact Held, Held, & Held today to schedule your free consultation.

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